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Lots of details below but first,
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Jane Karasek Hogan, Functional Medicine Health Coach!

You're a Health & Wellness Coach!!
Are you also an NBC-HWC?!
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You have the qualifications, credentials, knowledge, and passion to empower people to change their lives for the better through nutrition and lifestyle.  


HOW do you let the world know you're ready? Not sure? We can help! 

Registration is closed but read on and find out more about our Jan 2021 class!

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For those of you that are
NBC-HWC Coaches,

we’re excited to announce that our Thrive in 5 program is now offering
15 Continuing Education Units (CEU's) to NBC-HWC coaches upon completion of course requirements!
Not yet certified?
Join now, get your practice started, and when you are certified, come back for free, complete the requirements and pay a small fee for your CEU Certificate of Completion.

Why Join Us? 

Because you don't have to do this alone! Join a community of your peers on the same journey... 

Are you trying to launch your Health Coaching
practice to get clients but unsure of how to get started?

Are you overwhelmed by the demands of starting a new buisness?

Are you struggling with defining your ideal client and niche?

Are you a new NBC-HWC coach and want to rebrand your coaching practice?

Are you terrified of sales, marketing, social media, and technology?

Do you want your business to reflect your values and vision for your life?

Do you long for an ongoing community of peers for accountability and support?

Would you love to have passionate and inspirational mentors?

Then Thrive in 5 is perfect for you!

Join our amazing community for support, tips, tools, and resources! Why wait? Let's do this together!
Registration is now closed, but check out what we have to offer and get on our list for the next class!

What You'll Learn in Thrive in 5

An effective Step by Step Approach to help you launch your practice! 

  • How to define yourself as a coach
  • How to define your ideal client and niche
  • How to reframe sales and marketing
  • How to develop your marketing strategy
  • How to get new clients without "selling"
  • When and how to use digital marketing and technology effectively
  • How to stay aligned to your vision while dealing with the day-to-day logistics of being your own boss! 
  • How to help clients AND live your dream!

Thrive in 5 will deliver useful tips, tools, resources and a community of support to get you started! 


Define Yourself as a Wellness Professional

Develop your vision of yourself as a successful wellness professional and learn how to tell your story. This will help you align your brand and business with your values and aspirations.  


Define Your Ideal Client

Gain clarity on the characteristics of your ideal client in a step by step format. Then we’ll build on that by creating your niche so that you can stand out among other health coaches and wellness professionals.  


Define Your Offering and Your Marketing Strategy

Create programs and packages that speak to your clients real needs. Design an effective marketing strategy to find your ideal clients, attract them, let them know what you have to offer in a heartfelt and non salesy way.  


Living the Dream!

Now we learn how to manage our business so that it doesn't manage us! Walk away with a toolkit of templates and repeatable practices to streamline your business.


Create an Online Presence  

Learn how to use technology and social media to streamline your offerings, communicate your marketing message, and promote your programs and services. 


Free eBook Lead Magnet!

Bonus content includes a recorded Discovery Call Workshop, an Instagram info session, samples of documents you can use and so much more!! As a special thank you gift for joining our community, with registration, you'll receive a beautiful, 17 page FREE eBook on What is a FM Health Coach that you can brand and use for your own marketing!

How Thrive in 5 Works

5 Modules Over 8 Weeks

  • Use E-learning platform Ruzuku  
  • Watch pre-recorded videos of lessons  
  • Download handouts, complete worksheets and start developing your launch!  
  • Join our live, interactive workshops to review your work and ask questions
  • Comment and share in Ruzuku and in our private Student Facebook group 
  • Eligibile for ongoing, peer to peer community of Thrivers!
  • Sign up to work one-on-one with one of us if you need more help, support, or accountability (optional and affordable!)
  • Complete requirements and earn 15 CEU's for NBC-HWC Board Recertification!  

What our Thrive in 5 Alumni are Saying

"Thrive in 5 was wonderful and it is how I got started! It is a group program that helps get you started as a health coach. It gave me confidence, direction, and lots of ideas. Joanne and Joan provided amazing value and support! Join their upcoming class - you'll be glad you did!"

"When I graduated from my coaching program, I was still very insecure about coaching. After joining the Thrive in 5 community, I became very encouraged! The comradery and knowledge was something missing from other groups I had joined or researched. I enjoyed their honesty and insights and strongly recommend you join Thrive in 5 !"

Jane Karasek Hogan - Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Canada

Melissa Nerdy Talwar - Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, California

“Thank you for putting together such a great program!! Here's why I highly recommend it to everyone wanting to successfully launch a coaching business: 

 Before I started Thrive In 5 my business ideas were scattered all over everywhere! Where do I start? How do I stay focused? I have ideas, but what do I do with them? How do I provide a space that is safe and inviting for new clients? How will they find me? Among so many other questions and uncertainties. I needed a structure, a method to the madness! Thrive In 5 offered me what I was looking for, with the added bonus it was coming from an FM health coaching mindset!!  

Joanne , Joan and Rae are amazing women with many talents and skills in the business world. All three have huge, compassionate hearts and share very openly their expertise, ideas, and suggestions as the program unfolds. They give a no nonsense approach to starting a health coaching business, bringing clarity and focus to a place that can be very overwhelming to many of us.  

Thrive In 5 is broken down into very doable modules which are easy to follow, understand and implement, with no added stress or anxiety. This program takes the guess work out of where to start, what to do next and ultimately launch your coaching business.  

Personally I loved the program and feel very blessed to have been in their alpha group. I now have the knowledge to put into place a thriving business model that will serve me well going forward. Thrive in 5 has given me the confidence to tackle challenges and step off my “front step” as a FM Health Coach entrepreneur.  

I whole heartedly encourage everyone to join them for the next Thrive In 5 program, you will not be disappointed! This is a hands on program so get ready to roll up your sleeves and have fun launching your health coaching business!!  

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to Joanne, Joan and Rae!!”

Deborah Cox - Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, California

“The explanations and real life input that you all added was so very valuable!! You all were there for all of the questions and gave amazing feedback whenever it was asked for, you put 200% into this program!”

Thrive in 5 Participant and Health Coach

"Thrive in 5 was great. It gave me confidence and direction. I particularly loved the help with the flyers and hints on how to put myself out there! I quickly booked my first free short talk on Sleep for 6 women at the top beauty therapy place here called The Temple (The Temple being our bodies, inside & out )" 

Jill Raab - Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Australia

“ As a Thriver of the Alpha class, I can tell you this is a commitment worth working into your schedule and encourage you to register!  

The course material was presented in an organized, self paced format. The focus of our class was to learn what information would be important to market ourselves effectively, how to use that information and how to Tell Our Story. Truly setting us up with the final details needed to be successful Health Coaches!  

The Facebook page was an interactive resource for ongoing support and additional reinforcement for student and instructor feedback. Classmates were equally as engaged with one another -- it was a great, flowing and friendly environment.  

I am happy to be a part of this dynamic growing and Thriving community!" 

Shelley Roehr Bitzer, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Pennsylvania

I really enjoyed the Thrive in Five course with Rae, Joanne and Joan. Having extra support with the transition between finishing my coaching course and setting up my own business was really helpful! 

The course helped with me determining my niche, focusing in on my area of specialty and defining my ideal client. The course also helped me with determining what type of packages I wanted to offer and how I want to market myself and what tools to use. We also got excellent advice on social media and how to optimize those. 

I recommend this program to those who are looking for help with the next step, between finishing their coaching course and launching their own businesses. 

Nicola Carpenter, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Florida

“You managed to create a safe space for all of us to share and ask questions. This was important to me and I feel like you did that well!" 

Thrive in 5 Participant and Health Coach

We’re The Thrive in 5 Team

We're Functional Medicine Certified Health Coaches and National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coaches. We created this program and community to help Wellness Professionals exactly like YOU launch their businesses and start getting clients quickly!  

Joan Dickason

Former burnt out Wall Street IT executive, turned thriving Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Joan knows from experience what to do - and maybe more importantly what not to do - to get your practice off the ground.  

She is a co-facilitator for Apollo Health's Reverse + online group coaching program for people implementing the Bredesen Recode protocol. She is also a coach for Castle Connolly Private Health Partners working with members of concierge medical practices.  

She brings 8 years of coaching and 35 years of business experience to the team. Joan works with clients 1-on-1 and in groups, virtually and in person to help them implement positive diet and lifestyle changes. She’s a passionate mentor and a practical business person who truly cares and shares what she knows with honesty and humor. 

Joanne Pappas Nottage  

Current Marketing Maven, Entrepreneur, and Health Coach, after many years in the corporate world, Joanne ran her own Marketing Consulting firm for six years, and then launched her health & wellness business 3 years ago.    

As a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach she empowers her clients who are dealing with autoimmune disease or cognitive decline learn how to thrive by offering hope and help based on her own struggles and success. She is a co-facilitator for Apollo Health's Reverse + online group coaching program for people implementing the Bredesen Recode protocol.  

She brings 3 years of coaching and 35 years of business and marketing experience to the team. Joanne works with clients 1-on-1 and in groups, virtually and in person to help them take charge of their health. She’s a knowing, kind and caring role model for all new coaches and is passionate about helping others succeed - whether coaches or clients!

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Registration is now closed - Stay tuned - next class will launch in Jan 2021!

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